kk-juara certified by mrb (malaysian rubber board)

Lembaga Getah Malaysia, also known as the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB), is a statutory body established by the Malaysian government in 1996. Its primary role is to promote and develop the rubber industry in Malaysia, which is an important contributor to the country’s economy.

The MRB is responsible for conducting research and development activities related to rubber cultivation, production, and utilization. It provides technical assistance to rubber smallholders and plantation owners, and also works to improve the quality and yield of rubber crops in the country.

In addition, the MRB plays a key role in ensuring the sustainability of the rubber industry in Malaysia. It provides training programs for rubber farmers, promotes best practices for sustainable rubber cultivation, and works to address environmental issues related to rubber production.

The MRB also regulates the rubber industry in Malaysia, including the production, processing, and export of rubber products. It sets standards for the quality of rubber products and works to ensure that all rubber produced in Malaysia meets these standards.

Overall, the MRB plays a vital role in the development and sustainability of the rubber industry in Malaysia, and continues to work towards ensuring that the industry remains a key contributor to the country’s economy